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Administration support

  • Is organising a data base a much too time consuming task for you?
  • Do you need some help with setting up an admin system?
  • Have you got a back log of invoices that need to go out?
  • Are you getting so many emails, that you can not see the end of it?
  • Do you need someone who organises your calendar?

Full time Or Part Time Support

  • You really need help, but you don't want to employ someone permanently? Let us do the job for you!
    • we handle and organise your emails
    • we type and produce your reports
    • we make up professional presentations
    • we set up a database
    • the list is endless


We are professional company that provides virtual office services to businesses

Pay for what you need

You do not have to train staff and keep updating their skills, we do that for you. A remote virtual service is provided, so all assignments can be sent via the internet, email or post.

The perfect solution

You only pay for each task on an individually timed basis. You do not need to purchase any expensive office equipment or have office space for an additional member of staff. Reduce overheads as no staff recruitment, salary or training costs.

getting the support you need.

No sick pay, workplace pension, holiday pay, PAYE, National Insurance, maternity/paternity pay or dealing with HR issues. Support is available on an ad hoc, short term or long term basis, dependent on your needs

Service We Provide


Customer Service Support Following up outstanding invoices Updating CRM Email Management Diary Management Ordering marketing materials Research WordProcessing Typing/Data Entry

  • Price: $35 per hour
  • MailChimp Newsletters
  • Price: $60 per newsletter

Our Pricing

  • $85
    per Month
  • 12 hours support
  • 24x7 Support
  • Advanced encryption & security
  • TEAM
  • $120
    per Month
  • 20 hours support.
  • 24x7 Support
  • Advanced encryption & security
  • $5
    per hour
  • 60+ hours support
  • 24x7 Support
  • Advanced encryption & security

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