11 Ways to Improve Live Chat Service

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11 Ways to Improve Live Chat Service

Live chat service is a quick way of communication between a potential customer and a seller. This service is widely being used because it has made shopping so easy for the customers. Also, this service helps sellers to communicate with visitors, increase customers and make more profit. 

If you also have a live chat service on your website, you must think to provide better service to your potential customers. Here we bring 11 ways to improve your live chat service:

1. Use Simple Language with the Customers

Don’t create a complicated conversation, use simple and easy words that every customer supposed to understand. A simple conversation keeps the customer feel comfortable. A customer can only ask everything when he feels comfortable chatting with you. It also creates a positive impression in the customers’ mind if you offer better service to them.

2. Provide Correct Information

Be careful that you provide only the correct information, it represents the efficiency of a sales team. A live chat service provider must know all the possible answers regarding a product or service they are offering. 

For ensuring this, your team should be always updated with all the data, any change, or any new offers. You can create a list or note that contains all the needed information and share it with everyone who deals with the customers.

3. Give Super-Fast Response

An instant reply against the first message “Hello” creates the first impression. It represents a super active team. Whatever time you take for answering further questions, doesn’t carry that much impact as the first one. So, it’s so important that you reply instantly when a customer makes his first message. 

4. Always Behave Like a Friend

Every reply that you give to the customer, is a chance to create an impression. Your behavior must be polite, patient and friendly. If you can make the customer feel comfortable talking on the live chat section. It means a lot to your customer service quality. 

5. Perfect Persons Should Run The Live Chat Service Team

The live chat section is a sensitive side for determining the customer’s impression. It relates to the ultimate result of sales and profit. There must be appropriate executives to run the live chat service. They shall be well trained, patient, dedicated and hard-working.

Well trained and hard-working executives can catch more people, impress them and bring a better result. 

6. Use Active Sentences Instead of Passive

Seeing direct speeches like “I will provide you other details..” create more comfort than indirect speeches like “You will be provided other details..”. It can also make customers annoyed as indirect messages may look ‘Robotic’ to some of them. This would also make the customer feel comfortable to ask more questions.

7. Be Careful – Do Not Annoy the Customer

“Why don’t you answer?”, “Don’t try other companies”, “I don’t know, search in google” are some examples of disturbing messages. These types of messages should be avoided in live chatting. Remember, you are here to serve the customer and make results out of him. 

Keep patience, don’t be annoying to your potential customers. It will ruin the customers’ impression.

8. Build Long Relationship with Customers

Keep connection with your regular customers. Keep their contact details, inform them about new offerings. Suggest products to them that are related to their previous order. You can offer special discounts for them. These will help you build a long-run relationship.

9. Try to Take Feedback from Customers

Customer feedbacks are very much important for the seller. It allows you to get an idea about how your products really are, are you providing service well or not, etc. Feedbacks help you to bring changes in the service, system development, product development, changes in design, changes in quality and so on. 

10. Tell Them You Ensure Their Privacy

You must ensure the privacy of your customers’ data that you gather from a transaction. In a complete product order, a buyer may provide his/her name, email, phone numbers, home address, and a lot more. So, customers need to be informed that their information is kept safe.

11. Take Customers’ Opinion, Suggestions, and Ideas

Let the customers give any opinion on their experience. They may have suggestions that you can further analyze. Creative thinkers take those suggestions with importance, they analyze different suggestions and finally create new ideas. 

These 11 pieces of practice would help your live chat service team to add more and more qualities. Try to apply some of these and see what differences you make. Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below. Have a successful customer service experience.

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