5 Amazing Web Design Tips for Beginners

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5 Web Design Tips for Beginners

Web design is considered to be a smart and intelligent job. There is an opportunity to represent your choice and designing ideas through a sharp working output. Whatever you are a beginner or learner in web designing, you desire to make your website look professional. Your skills in web designing must be applied in the best way. Take a look at our 5 amazing web design tips:

1. Learn and Apply a Color Palette 

First, you have to build a better idea on a color combination that what color matches and looks good with another color. The reason behind it is to make your website look great, you have to apply colors with the best looking combination. So if you are not that good with the color combination, you can go to a palette tool and grab some matching colors with your selected color. There you can pick a base color and simply the tool will show the best matching colors. There are also several manual ways to find color combinations. This is how you will get one step forward in delivering better quality output in designing websites.

2. Use Great Looking Pictures

This is a mandatory thing to maintain for designing your website great. You may do the photography yourself, follow some famous and relevant photographers to do photography. If you don’t have a photography device or don’t have chances to use others’, there are great resources where you can collect extremely relevant photos from. On the internet, there are either paid resources like Shutterstock and iStock or free resources like un splash and pixabay. So many web designers use photos choosing from the paid and unpaid resources. Also, you can collect pictures from the internet, but it must be higher resolution and relevant.

3. Keep a Little Bit Space

If a website has less space in between the options and text materials then it will look jampacked and disturbing to the visitor’s eyes. Just adding a little bit of extra space around all of the elements in the website makes your design look standard. You can have space around the heading, around the body of your texts and you can follow trends in website design. It is a good technique to make visitors look around your website and find more options as you make a positive impression on them.

4. Don’t Design With Sliders 

It’s about being decisive, using still pictures with enough information and written content are the best things to design a website and attract visitors more. Sliders can be bad for SEO and also they don’t actually drive interactions on your website. Because visitors may not consider spending more time to slide one after one for knowing your information. For this reason, using still pictures and contents with enough information is the best way to design website pages. As visitors, you should also be proactive in providing information. Better recommendations would be putting the most important thing at the top of your website, and the subsequent matters you think are less important put them down as the next thing. This is how it will also work as sliders.

5. Make It Responsive for Mobile Viewers

Basically, when beginners build a website on their desktop, they can simply forget mobile viewers. People might be viewing your website on their mobiles or tablets, so it must have a mobile view. When mobile viewers find a website not responsive to the mobile screen, it makes a big bad impression and very easily viewers leave the site and search for others. Checking your device so that you are sure that they look good on any kind of device, any size of the screen. Not only making a responsive design is enough, but it must also look great and attractive to viewers. So give extra time to design the best and make sure you are designing your site in the best way.

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