7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Graphic Design

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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Professional Graphic Design

Professional graphic design refers to doing various graphic designing works for someone as a profession. Companies hire people for designing website contents, posters, advertising contents, visiting cards, etc. So in terms of professional graphic designing, it is, in fact, a very serious job. Because a good looking website or a good looking advertise poster would make good sense to someone who stares at it. Again, an ordinary design or a design full of mistakes and non-attracting would create bad sense to the viewers. So, professional graphic design should be extremely accurate where no mistakes would be seen. 

Designers may make unwanted mistakes in their projects, sometimes they do it because of not knowing, and sometimes it happens because of less creativity. Mistakes get more effective when it comes to virtual graphics designing where companies hire designers from remote locations and exchange tasks through the internet. 

In an office, the superior can make instant corrections if a designer makes something wrong. But when it is about virtual business, the correction process gets harder. Virtual designers may get instructions via a video call or a text message. They have to get through hard processes in getting instructions and further correction. 

Here we put 7 Common Mistakes that every graphic designer should be concerned about:

1. Misunderstanding of the Instruction

For every project, the client would require a new design and so will deliver new instructions for it. For every designer, this would be the most important task for a designer to understand the instruction. Understanding the client’s instruction is further important for providing the perfect output as the client wants.  

2. Not Using Own Creativity in Graphic Design

No client tells not to use the designer’s own creativity. Because they know, a designer has a way more designing ideas because he designed a lot of different designs. The previous experiences make a designer generate creativity in many ways such as color using, applying fonts, making designs, etc. But the problem happens with some designers is, they do not try to use their own creativity.

3. Imperfect Application of Fonts

Another problem with graphic designing is having less knowledge of using fonts. There are lots of mistakes seen about font; for example, not using the right font in the right place, coloring the font wrongly, putting the wrong size of the font or using too many fonts in a design. These mistakes make the designing craft very cheap and clients do not get satisfied. 

4. Not Giving Enough Time 

A very important thing in designing is to think about it more and more. For thinking and inventing new ideas or ways to solution of a problem, a designer must need to give more time to himself. But most of the designers do this mistake, they do not give enough time to improve their skills. 

5. Use of Copyrighted Images or Icons

Some beginners even professional ones are not concerned about copyright image and icon matters. Designers must not make this mistake of using copyrighted images or icons. This mistake makes the design inaccurate and clients do not get satisfied. 

6. Not Focusing on Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical mistakes in graphic design make the whole project go in vain, no matter how great the design is. Designers have to be conscious of their grammatical application in order to make a good design and get the client’s clap. 

7. Not Having Good Color Sense

One of the most common mistakes in graphic designing is to use the wrong colors. This is a significant problem as a person may not understand where is his mistake in color selection. This is totally a matter of psychology where colors are selected by our inner mind to make a combination. This problem can be solved by designing more and more, getting compliments and judging them again and again.

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