Are You Hesitant about Outsourcing? Update 2020

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Being hesitant about outsourcing is supposed to be a reasonable thing today. Lots of people all over the world are in need of taking outsource workers for their companies. Despite contributing a vast amount of productivity in the market, outsourcing is not being manipulated by all those companies who badly need it. As a result, a certain number of companies are losing the beneficial advantage of outsourcing.

7 Benefits of Outsourcing

Taking outsourced labor is a great opportunity for generating more productivity within a lower cost. There are so many advantages to taking outsource employment. 

  1. It’s a great way to hire expert workers as you want for your company. In the online platforms, you can see the workers’ previous performance and ratings. This makes it easy to determine one’s expertise.
  2. Risk management gets improved as the risks can be shared with outsourcing partners. It’s even beneficial for saving money.
  3. A good way to create an efficient team of workers. You can build your team by hiring expert and professional remote workers. It’s beneficial for overall performance. 
  4. By hiring workers from opposite time-zone, you may run your company 24/7. Most of the companies all over the world are doing this to ensure flawless service to their further clients.
  5. Staffing gets flexible and easier. You no longer need to have a big human resource team to recruit and train workers in your company. This way, a lot of money is being saved.
  6. Great opportunity to cut costs and save a lot of money by not hiring direct workers. Direct workers require so many other facilities from the company like digital devices, uniforms, meals and so on. None of these is needed if you run with remote workers.
  7. No office space is needed for remote workers. They usually have a different location and must have their own office space to work. This benefits you like a way that is needless to say.

Why companies are hesitant about outsourcing?

Hesitant about outsourcing?

Losing 100% Control on Operation

There is a significant thing to consider in outsourcing that a company has to give some authority to the outsource worker or agency. They get virtual access to the direct work area because they work for the company. Because of this reason, companies hesitate about taking outsource service. 

For a Reliable Outsourcing Experience-

This is not even a matter of relying on somebody. There are platforms (Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr) for determining virtual workers or agencies who ensure professional work agencies. So companies have to hire outsource workers from these platforms. 

Risk of Bad Quality Output

Companies are hesitant about outsourcing because they may getting low quality work output as they are not able to control the workers directly. There is also a solution to this uncertainty.

For an ensured quality output- 

Virtual service platforms allow you to select workers by seeing their performance level, quality, and previous records. This is how you can get the perfect match for your company.

Possibility of Getting False Worker

Companies fear about getting frauded by a false worker that creates a problem with service or payment. This is not even a matter to hesitate if the workers are verified.

For getting professional worker-

Virtual work platforms (Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr) are there for you to ensure professional workers. You can select them by seeing previous records.

Hidden Cost

Sometimes, agencies may charge an additional cost for services like consultation fees, phone call charges, etc. For this reason, client companies fear getting suffered.

For a reliable payment system-

Again virtual work platforms are helpful in this matter. There are procedures for getting a clear idea of maximum payment. The outsourcing agency will not be able to charge more than their agreement.

Last words

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