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Digital marketing refers to a business strategy of creating an audience, more customer & more sales which is done by digital media. Nowadays, People spend huge amounts of time researching the internet. People like to shop online, read online, get suggestions and services online, etc. So marketing in digital media has huge potential in today’s world.

Companies of various types, prefer promoting their business in digital media. Sometimes, medium & large scale companies have to hire specialist persons to do digital marketing. A most important and effective activity is to arrange campaigns for digital marketing. Setting a target of capturing a certain amount of audiences, the target of sales and other output. Digital marketing campaigns can be run in various ways, but campaigns in social communication media give the most effective result.

Some common social communication media to arrange digital marketing campaigns are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest are the most common social media for digital marketing. Being a search engine, YouTube has also been a big platform of digital marketing as a social network. Let’s see how Digital Marketing Campaigns are being arranged through these social networks.

Facebook Marketing Campaign

In the Facebook marketing campaign, there are 3 different types of entities; i) the company, ii) facebook marketing administration & iii) the audience. The process starts with the planning time of the company which is about to start a campaign. After setting up the plan, post or video of the product, the company sets targeted audiences which it can select among lots of categories differentiated by age, location, country, interests, workplace, etc.

Then it has to set the duration of the campaign and pay the exact amount of marketing cost to the facebook administration via money transfer card. Once the money has been paid, the paid promotion starts, the post or video starts appearing on the audience’s wall. This is how companies manage a Facebook marketing campaign.

Twitter Marketing Campaign

In a Twitter marketing campaign, the service provider company tries to humanize the experience. It is something like bringing up some previous customers and showing their reviews on previous experience with that company. In this campaign, it is so important to involve audiences and use the information wisely. The company has to know the local crowd and always has to be alert about a quick response. Twitter marketing campaigns sometimes be so effective and sometimes gets lower because of the variation of clever representation.

Instagram Marketing Campaign

Instagram has become the go-to place for visual content marketing. In this media 600 million engaged users sharing nearly 100 million photos and videos with their friends, fans and followers every single day. This is why Instagram is a great platform for the Digital Marketing Campaign. In the Instagram campaign, companies may advert their products with pictures and videos where they use celebrities for the advertisement. Hashtags are a big thing for making audiences on that. Companies do make a hashtag and promote that to make people use and follow that hashtag. This way, marketing campaigns happen on Instagram

LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

There is an ad creating a section on LinkedIn which people use for the marketing campaign. Advertising on LinkedIn has two steps; first, setting up the LinkedIn campaign and then, creating advertises. From the “ad creating” section, the company has to create a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account. Next, the company page is taken to the member dashboard. Then a call-to-action (CTA) is showed to Create a campaign. Selecting that button, the company gets into the process of setting up a marketing campaign.

Pinterest Marketing Campaign

There are 100 million active users on Pinterest. It is so lower compared to the audiences of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but the way Pinterest is used is so different than Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. A clever marketing campaign strategy that doesn’t even require money is, using about 100 accounts, a social team and a bank of computers, long images shall simultaneously be pinned. This system creates a mural effect that is difficult to ignore. As users will scroll, the graphics would appear to be animated, dominating the entire homepage. This is a great way to run a Pinterest marketing campaign.

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