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Blog Optimization - SEO as Virtual Administrative Service

The thing that bloggers must pay attention to is making sure the maximum SEO ranking ability of blog posts. Optimization of blogs is the most essential task to gather huge audiences from blog posting. Companies nowadays are keeping a blog section active and publish regular blog posts to gather some more audiences randomly. Though correct optimization is not a guarantee to place the no. 1 in google search, it firstly depends on the content quality. 

Blog Optimization as Admin Support

Companies worldwide are so interested in publishing blogs because it gives a big opportunity to reach a lot of audiences who are regular blog readers. Companies hire people to do blog optimization for them, also they hire assistants from remote locations. This is how blog optimization has been a big sector to Virtual Administrative Assistant Service

Blog Optimization SEO from Start to Finish

Headline – Setting a good headline is really important to get your blog rank well in organic search. It’s a clever strategy to put a number on the title. For example “10 Tips to..” or “10 Ways to do..” if it is about a How-To Tutorial. Writing a clever headline is something that is very important because probably 6 out of 10 people are more likely to see the headline before choosing a blog for reading or sharing it. So, putting a good title is not just important to get more shares, it is also for ranking well.

URL – This is the thing readers are gonna see in the top of the blog’s screen tab. This is also important as well as a headline. URL of the blog represents what is it about and have you written relevant inside or not. It can catch the eyes of the searcher and if it is well written, then he is surely gonna enter into it. 

Categories – Selecting categories is really important to the readers who are going to navigate your sites. The admin has to be aware of selecting 1 category for the post to make it very clear that what is a blog about. 

Tags – There is a helpful tag section which allows you to put some tags to appear in more searches. People may need to find blogs about a certain subject but would not search the exact same name of your blog. This is why optimization gives an opportunity to put some relevant tags that you like to appear on different search results accordingly. 

Image Featuring – The featured image of your blog really plays an important role for better SEO and attracting readers. The image you feature as on the top, also the pictures you put inside the blog to make it more reader-friendly, are all important to SEO and to appear at the top of search results. Image alternative tags are also mattered to SEO.

Meta Description – When a blog appears in a search result, Google shows a small part of the blog so that the reader can quickly understand it. Putting the most important thing that you think readers will like the most to enter your blog is crucial. So, make sure you are keeping the best-representing part in the meta description.

SEO Requirements – There are different SEO tools that bloggers use to optimize their posts which has quite similar criteria. When the blog is ready to post, the SEO tool shows some requirements that have to be filled up as command. For example, giving a focus keyword, keeping a certain amount of words, putting that into the subheadings, putting focus keyword in the image alt text, shortening the URL, putting inbound and outbound links, keeping power word in the title and so on.

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