Brain Does What You Don’t Even Know!

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Amazing brain facts

Undoubtedly the brain is the most important organ of a human body. The 3-pound fatty organ is the core power supplier for a total human figure. It directs all the other body parts to move and thus a human body works. These are very normal things that we know from our early school life. So what’s special about brainpower? Here are some interesting facts about your brain that you cannot even notice!

Reality vs Imagination:

Is it imagination or reality? When you see a thing or incident in real life, you may get pleasure, sorrow or feel shocked. Very simply you take an action against it. But the interesting thing is when you try to imagine an image or incident, your brain cannot signify whether it is imagination or reality. So, as a result, it starts you giving the same feel like a real one. This is why we get addicted to video games and feel scared after watching a horror movie.

Brain Never Gets Tired:

After a long time work, study or a big business project we mentally get tired. We think our brain did a lot, now I must let it rest. But the truth is, our brain never gets tired because of mental work. We feel tired because of our emotions. The blood circulation or power supplying of your active brain remains unchanged even after long term mental works. Blood from the veins of a person who has worked all day change considerably.

Brain Never Takes Rest:

After getting tired, we take a rest or sleep for a whole night to recover the energy. We spend one-third of our life at sleep. But our brain doesn’t stop working even when we sleep. It continues working hard during sleep. Moreover, according to the study, the brain’s activity during sleep is even higher than working in a day. The brain records all the things you see and when you sleep, it builds a logical description of your daily problems. This is why we actually sleep or rest for recovering tiredness.

You Can Change Your Brain:

The characteristic of your brain is totally under control. Even you can change the brain that how you want to make it work. Any kind of activity helps the brain generate more neuron connections. It can even give you the power to control all of the work results. For example, if someone thinks he will never succeed, his brain won’t take him to the right way. But if he is thinking that he can do anything, the brain will show only those ways which are correct. This fact, in our regular life, we know as confidence. To change the brain you know you’re on the right track.

Brain Demands High Energy:

The brain takes a huge part of your daily diet. You have to pay the food energy to keep your brain active. Truth is, we take foods not to keep our body parts active, we take food and use the nutrients for activating our brain. After that, the brain starts contributing energy to the other body parts. When we don’t take food on time, we start feeling sick. But it’s nothing but the lack of nutrients in the brain. Then after taking foods we again feel strong. All these happen because of our brain functions.

There are lots of myths about the brain that people have been knowing for a long time but are actually wrong concepts. The biggest wrong concept about the brain is that human uses only 10% of his brain. But according to modern science, we use brain cells, neurons conditionally which varies by time and type. Another myth is that people use only 1 side of their brain mostly, whether the left side or right side. This concept is totally wrong. The simple explanation is, we use our brain conditionally in order to a different time and work types.

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