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Virtual assistant service significantly includes Email Management as one of the VA services. According to Wikipedia, “Email management service is a specific field of communications management for managing high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by organizations. Today, email management is an essential component of customer service management. Customer service call centers currently employ email response management agents along with telephone support agents, and typically use software solutions to manage emails”.

Email is one of the most effective standards of any kind of business communication for organizations of this age. Similarly, like any other business data and record, email must be considered as part of the organizational standards regarding data, information, and records. Keeping email streaming and smooth conversation has been a vital part of business standards nowadays.

But this is not enough, for doing it right, all the emails must be classified, stored, and maybe trashed in a manner of business-standard. Email management includes a correct and systematic control of the quality and quantity of electronic mails that are sent from another address.

How important is Email Management?

You may have a huge quantity of emails congested in the inbox, sent folder, and deleted items folder. This could be a threat and can take the organization over risk and harmfully impact, the performance of email servers in the organization. If you really get to have a huge amount of emails, email management is going to be a must for you. Because without email management it is difficult for organizations to meet all the customers’ needs and help them. This may make the organization slow and can take backward.

One of the most common applications for email management is Email Archiving. Primarily, these solutions either copy or remove messages from the messaging application and keep them in another file. Organizations need to have a records management program, consisting of business policies and procedures, staff activities and others. This thing will be faster and easier with email management.

Functions of Email Management

These are some of the services which can help email service consumer:

1. Configure the rules, alerts, and filters according to the needs

2. Clean up and sort, archive or delete old emails from the inbox

3. Manage and update all connected addresses

4. Unsubscribe from unwanted email lists as directed

5. Send introductory emails to new connections

6. Manage auto-responder when the user is staying away

7. Respond to requests for appointments, set them up, and add them to calendar

Every inbox needs to be managed in a systematic way. It does not matter what industry or level you are in, you can get 50 emails a day or maybe 200 emails a day. Managing these emails would be so hard and time-consuming. For wasting less time and save your valuable time. You must take the help of an email management service.

Email Management Reads Your Email

It takes a lot of time to open and read the emails, and after wasting your valuable time you come to discover that the email was not important.

By having a virtual assistant with email management service, the emails will be read automatically, and very intellectually you’ll only see the urgent messages that have important information. You will also see the emails that need a response from you, or require action.

Email Management Makes You More Responsive

You can discuss with your virtual assistant what kind of replies you need for specific emails. Your virtual assistant will respond correctly with the connections with the right reply. Sometimes the assistant can reply to your business emails with his own intelligence. In this way, your emails will be figured up as active as a  to-do-list. Finally, it will make you more responsive.

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