How to Hire a Virtual Assistant in 2019

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How to hire a virtual assistant in 2019

All over the world people are hiring virtual assistants for their business or official administrative tasks. Virtual assistants nowadays have great utility in the digital world. They are playing a big role here as because it has been so easy to get official tasks done by a virtual assistant within a very low cost.

The tasks may be something like maintaining websites, documentation, maintaining e-commerce sites, bookkeeping, planning & scheduling and so on. A company hires virtual assistants to get a quick, correct and quality work result. But most of the time people get into confusion hiring a virtual assistant. There are great online platforms to find them where virtual assistants are categorized as their area of work type, experience, rate, etc. This helps a client company to find the best assistant as they need.

The 5 steps to follow in order to hire a Virtual Assistant:

1. Signing up for the Online Platforms

‘Upwork’ is good if you want to hire a virtual assistant for a single project, but if you want someone as a full day virtual assistant, then ‘online jobs ph’ is the best way to go. There are different work categories, different assistant categories and also different rates. But clients have to be aware of the scamming website. Scammers can cause you a huge loss. But if you enter into a valid platform that you see a lot of people are getting service from, then don’t feel hesitation to give your money to someone else.

2. Putting Your Required Job

In the job platforms, there are important options to put the job category and the exact job name also. This helps the assistants to pick the more correct job for them as of their capability. There could be further detail options that you can put into clarifying your job requirement. Also virtual assistant can fill up detail options that you require from him. There is an option for text messaging where the client and assistant can exchange direct messages. This is how you can get a clear idea on an assistant that how serious he is to do your task.

3. Taking Video Call Interview

After messaging on the website, you can get into the next step which is a video call with the assistant. The client needs to have a clear and verbal interaction with the assistant he’s gonna hire because of a number of different reasons. It can be for checking his internet speed, language efficiency, working environment, etc. If the virtual assistant can make video calls, it means his internet is speedy enough to do further tasks. If he talks better and clear, especially English, then you can rely on his efficiency.

4. Giving a Sample Project

Testing a VA is one of the most essential tasks before hiring him permanently. Well, a client may either need a single person or a whole team to hire. After the previous steps, it is the turn to give them one or more sample projects. This helps you to check their working speed, quality and efficiency to hire them permanently. Most people hire a virtual assistant without checking how well they work on that certain field. So, this is a great way to get the best virtual assistant services.

5. Finally Hiring

Hiring is very easy after coming through the previous steps. As because you have made communication with them several times previously, it means you are already connected with them in different mediums. Simply sending a confirmation email is enough to set the recruitment. More informally, you can just let them know via simple text message or a phone call.

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