Problem Solving Strategies in the Workplace

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Problem Solving Strategies in the Wrokplace

Problem Solving Strategies

Problems are a part of our lives, all of us face problems at some point or the other in our lives. These problems can be personal problems at home with your parents, your siblings, etc. It can also be professional problems which you might face with your co-workers. Your team members or your managers and bosses. Problems will always be there but we need to understand how to solve these problems in the most efficient and effective manner so that it leads us to be mature human beings.

What Problem is

If you have to define what exactly is a problem, in a global way, certain phrases or certain sentences are used very commonly. Such as

– Everything is going wrong for me

– He/She will never change

– There is no hope

– I seem to have the world on my shoulders

In simple terms, a problem is a doubt or difficult situation that requires a particular solution.

What is Problem Solving?

Certain facts and certain things that we need to discuss with regards to problem-solving are:

– Problem Solving forms a part of our thinking

– Considered to be the most complex of all intellectual functions

– Requires modulation and control of more fundamental skills

– A problem cannot proceed from a given state to the desired goal state

– It is part of the larger problem process that includes problem finding and shaping

Strategies to Use in Problem Solving

Certain problem-solving strategies which are required or are rather used to solve a problem are:

Making Judgments: You need to be able to make judgments. If it is something that you want to do or you want to solve your problems better. You have to decide and judge what is right and what is wrong in a given situation. So your power of judgment needs to be really strong.

Analytical Skills: You need to have great analytical skills, it’s something which you need to do for yourself. If you want to solve problems better, you need to be good at analyzing the situation, thinking about the situation, forming strategies around the situation, etc.

Decision Making: You need to have the ability to decide better. So, decision-making power needs to be really strong in terms of how to take a certain decision with regard to problem-solving. These decisions can be taken by yourself in consultation with a lot of other people.

Collecting Information and Planning: All these becomes part of the skill set which is used to solve a problem. We need to plan better, we need to strategize better and we have to collect all the information. If you have certain skill sets which I have just mentioned, that is what needed for Problem Solving.

Barriers to Problem Solving

If barriers are not there, nothing is smooth work in this World. So, wherever problems are there, barriers & obstacles will also be there. Let us understand what the barriers to problem-solving are.

Failure to recognize the problem: A person might live in a complete delusion that there is no problem. Well, you need to firstly accept the fact that there is a problem. So Failure to recognize the problem is the #1 barrier to problem-solving.

Conceiving the problem too narrowly: You need to think in a very more flexible way & adaptable way, not think in a narrow mind. So we need an open mind with regard to problem-solving.

Failure to consider the consequences: This is something that all of us do, we want to find the most immediate way to solve a problem, making a hasty choice. These finally causes failure to consider the feasibility of the solution.

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