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Project Management

The task of project management is not completely similar to the regular virtual assistant task. Project management has something more and different kind of tasks included in it. So, a client has to think clearly which assistant he does really want. Because there may be several differences between a virtual assistant and a project manager. 

If you hire the wrong person for your job, he won’t be able to deliver the best work result. For that reason, you as a client have to be clear every time that either you want a common virtual assistant or someone specialized in project management. 

Difference Between a VA and a Project Manager

Virtual Assistant: A common virtual assistant is someone whom you hire from remote locations. Maybe through an online job platform or from the previous contact. Virtual assistants are hired for doing specific tasks such as graphic design, social media assistant, lead generation, etc. 

Virtual Project Manager: The Project manager is also a virtual assistant who is specialized in doing the management of your projects. He monitors the project from the beginning to final delivery. You require specific things for your project and he makes plans, creates schedules and starts implementing. 

Basics of Project Management

There could be a lot of different business projects of a company which requires a project management assistant to do so. Only one person can be hired for managing projects of an individual client, on the other hand, a whole team of project managers can be hired for doing large business project management.

A virtual project manager gives the best out of him when he works with a team and the team is effectively managed. Managing a project with a team is good for keeping perfect communication which actually helps deliver a better result. No doubt clear communication is vital for remote working. 

For a client, hiring a virtual project management team and getting his work done by them is much time-saving. It can also deliver better results if the team is specialized and does better than the client. The client would clearly tell the assistants that exactly what he needs and what would be the way to complete that. This is a way to make it easier and more clarified. 

The General Tasks of a Virtual Project Manager

One interesting thing about project managers is that they are responsible to manage the other virtual assistants of the client. Not only that, a project manager can manage your contractors, part-time workers  & full-time workers. So managing other staff could be a task of project managers. They are responsible to watch and monitor whether the whole business activity is running properly or not. If any lacking or problem is founded, they take steps accordingly. Project managers always keep an eye on day-to-day business tasks. They are called the right hand of the manager or director. 

Professional project managers cost around $25 per hour or more than that. There are several online platforms to find a virtual worker. Upwork, People Per Hour, Society of Virtual Assistant, Task Bullet and so many sites are good for finding virtual people. Upwork is the most known among them. Nowadays, social media communities are also being good platforms to find virtual assistants. There are some user groups on Facebook which have a large number of members who are whether clients or assistants. Clients do post asking for assistance with mentioning their required job. Seeing that post, one or more assistants reply with a comment if they can do it. The client and assistant can go to more discussion for the further questionnaire. After setting up all requirements such as payment method and time period, the virtual assistant work begins. 

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