Top 10 Tricks to Design Your Business Website

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Top 10 Tricks to Design Your Business Website

E-commerce business all over the world has been so speedy to develop its scope. The usage of a Business Website seems to be double from now by the next two years. So, have you taken preparation for starting your own e-commerce website? Here I put 10 special tips for website design that will add value to your business. You must take care of these 10 tips and apply them before and during running your business.

1. Recognize the Key Strengths of Your Business Field

Whatever marketplace you are going to select, you have to find the most popular businesses in that field. Maybe you will sell food products or maybe electronic items, so many of them can be chosen, you have to know the best performer there. Before taking a step, analyze how they reach customers, how they are goodwill, how they make transactions, and finally what is their policy to gather customers. You will find lots of things on their website that is attracting customers. So follow the strong points and apply them to your business website.

2. Design the Common Options with Great Quality

Focus on the options in your business website which customers often click and enter into. Design it properly with good quality color, font, and contents. This will help to create good intentions for visitors. Don’t make any mistakes in writing and designing that are easily visible. For a better idea, you can follow the top-ranked business around the internet. Follow the strong & weak sides of your competitors, their behavior, their product range, and discounts should be followed and applied on your business website. So, put the common options outlined with standard quality.

3. Product Presentation Must Look Attractive

The product section should be designed very sharply so that once a visitor looks at a product, he desires to take a look in detail. So you have to make the visitors see your products entering into product detail option. For an attractive presentation, you can put higher quality pictures, from the best-looking angle. It can be easier for the customer if you can show products rotating, for an all-around view.

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4. Keep a Support Option for the Merchants

Most of the e-commerce businesses have selective merchants who sell products through the website using that as a market platform. Merchants can be small, big, niche or expert. You have to take care of interacting with them, knowing your discounts, price updates, policies, displaying products. For a fast business process, you have to make clear communication with the merchants. So, keeping a supportive option on your website for the merchants is very important.

5. Make Margin, Fee & ROI Option for Admins

This option is only for the administrators who should see the business inside updates. Keep an automated system that will show you incoming margins immediately after every sale. Take care about fees; how much you charge fees for transport, return, etc. This system will also keep you aware of the ROI (Return on Investment).

6. Keep an Option to See the Shipping Policy

This will help customers know how you deliver products, how much you charge for it and what steps the product goes through. Transportation may be offered by you, on the other hand, you can take transportation service from other shipping providers. So, making the option ‘Shipping’ will help them feel better because they would come to know how products are sent.

7. System Access and Control Should be Smooth

If you offer a business platform through your website, you must show your terms and policies about system access and control to other retailers. On the other hand, if your website is doing a business activity using another bigger platform, you should be aware of their system access and control. Because taking a step without knowing the terms and restrictions may cause big losses. So, we must keep an option on the website about terms and conditions.

8. Give Importance to Payment Mechanism

Suppose you have sold all the products to the retailers or consumers, but due to slow payment mechanism, you got only half of the payments and half in the process. This thing makes your business process slow and you cannot buy products for next season. So, never let the payment mechanism be slow. Stop doing business with them who make a late payment. Give importance to the fast payers.

9. Quickly Notice the Returns and Refunds

Because of decreasing sales margin, the return & refunds be lower accordingly. This can happen because of some fake orders, or false orders. Due to those fake orders, you have to pay for product return from the business account and bear losses in the refund. It can also happen if somehow defective products are delivered to customers. In that case, also, you have to pay for returning the product. So, in the website design, try to keep an option to get notifications about product return and refund.

10. Take Care of Dispute Resolution Process

To handle and decrease the disputes about selling products, you can put a detailed part in your website where every kind of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) will be shown. People may have different kinds of questions, it can cause big disputes if there is no answer for them. So, it’s better if you put an option on the website where all possible questions and difficulties would be discussed.

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