Top 6 Skills – Administrative Assistant Job

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Top 6 Skills - Administrative Assistant Job

Serving as an administrative assistant is going to be one of the fastest-growing jobs in 2020. It can be a direct job or a job done from remote locations. Virtual assistants must prepare themselves for this job immediately. There would be some essential skills to be prepared for an administrative assistant job. Employers always look for some strong basic skills that an administrative assistant must-have. These skills are either helpful for claiming yourself as an expert.

Here we will be discussing 6 Essential Skills for Administrative Assistant job that every employer looks for.

Managing and Responding to Calls and Emails

This is the most common skill to have by an administrative assistant. Either it can be an office job or can be a virtual job, both require these skills. In a virtual job, responding calls is not that much seen commonly. But they need to respond to emails for sure. More or less, admin support assistants have to prepare themselves with this skill to get into this job. There are online training platforms, youtube playlists or training centers to get the knowledge properly. It’s all about being social because an admin has to create communications with clients and customers.

Appointment Scheduling Skills

This is a specialized job, most of the employers look for a certified virtual assistant for this task. A person has to get proper knowledge and skill on appointment scheduling to do it for a company. This job includes managing appointments of a company and scheduling them properly. It may not be so difficult but it must be correct and timely. There is so many appointment scheduling software, assistants must have knowledge of using that software. Sometimes admins may go under pressure when there are so many appointments to schedule. So, it’s important for virtual admins to be well skilled in this particular matter.

Google Drive or Dropbox File Management

Companies need to keep digital data of many business matters. These files are managed by administrative assistants. This job is also significant because files are important for a company that needs to be managed correctly. Files are either created in Google Drive, DropBox or other storages. So, an administrative assistant has to gather all the important skills in this section.

Preparing Documents for Meetings

Creating a meeting presentation is a common job of admins. There are also many other documents that admins have to prepare. Sometimes admins may have to create such reports and documents that might be created by article writers. For example, an annual report is a very important thing for a company, an admin may have to collect input materials from all departments and make a final report. This is how preparing documents includes in administrative assistant jobs.

Making Reservations, Bookings, etc

A company might have business tours by a team or by an individual, pleasure tours by a department and so on. In these cases, travel booking and reservations are done by an administrative assistant team. They make sure the correct reservation in time. Tickets and transportation, hotel room and accommodation, reservations are done in this task. Generally, this kind of administrative work is done by office admins, but nowadays virtual assistants are also doing this job.

Keeping Communication with Customers and Clients

Maintaining a good relationship with customers and clients is an important task for a company. Keeping communication means making calls or emails to them, letting them know about new services, offers, and discounts, taking feedback from them, receiving opinions, complains, consulting and solving problems with product or service. This job has to done by an administrative assistant. So, virtual assistants must have these skills to get into this job.

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