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Whether you are planning, organizing and analyzing your business, at each and every step data is very crucial - data is the backbone at every segment of work. Data entry is an essential part of every organizations, business and service provider because data is to be transformed to information to get the best results.
If you are wondering how to handle large data without overloading your company’s staff with back office work then outsourcing might be the right solution for you. We offer the

Our Popular Services

PDF To Excel Data Entry

PDF are a symbol of Portable Document Format. Presently PDF document are helpful in lots of ways to signify the business, organization or companies data, information. Most essential benefits of utilizing PDF file is the decrease in size, not waste time, attempts, and sources and it effortlessly submit email particularly if encountering lower bandwidth. We have an understanding of providing PDF data entry services at affordable rates. With owning massive experience, we provide efficient, economical, top quality and genuine PDF data entry services to precious customers.

Data Entry From Handwritten Documents

We understand that the chances of handwritten data being misread or misinterpreted is indeed high, as handwriting styles can be vastly different depending on individual strokes of writing. We also understand that information pertaining to medical and healthcare, accounts and finance, business data, sales contacts, archival quality handwritten text, etc., are tremendously critical and does not allow for errors. That is why, we deploy teams of trained handwritten data entry specialists capable of recognizing various handwritten data in physical format or images besides implementing smart processes in place for our handwritten documents entry services.

Image Annotation

Due to the increased use of images in business operations, the process of annotating images has become virtually mandatory. The metadata information supplied by properly annotated images becomes the foundation of many data analysis procedures. However, current employees are often too busy to keep up with image annotation requirements. To help businesses manage all tasks involving this time-consuming process, VA Everyday provides customized image annotation services. We are capable of providing highly customized offsite image annotation services to our global clients.

Online Data Entry

Data entry processes in all forms consistently require accuracy and significant time. Data entry tasks can become even more challenging when multiple time zones and languages are involved. To help businesses manage all data entry tasks, We provides customized and cost-effective online data entry services. Improving turnaround time for any data entry process is often a high priority because accurate final data is needed for time-sensitive applications like invoices, insurance claims, legal documents, and product catalogs. Another key area where expedited data entry performance is essential is customer support for functions like shipping and customer feedback.

Offline Data Entry

The offline data entry services of us ensures you to receive an error free and faster results for all your offline data entry projects. Our accurate results will be received in the least turnaround time. Our team is highly trained and they are ready to undertake all kind of offline data entry services which maintains industry standards. Our clients can benefit from number of services like data collection, offline form filling and URL list collection. We are strict about the quality and maintain quality standards that certify data entry accuracy. Our processes are accomplished through our talented professionals who have years of experience in different kinds of data processes and methods.

Excel Data Entry

In the modern business world, all organizations need to have numerous databases to control day-to-day activities and keeping records. But the process of managing these databases could be tiresome, therefore almost companies use MS Excel a most effective, popular and easy to handle way of data management. Our excel data entry services specialists can enter any type of data into an MS Excel database accurately and speedily. With the help of our skilled and highly trained professionals, we can handle any volume of excel data entry project contentedly.

Yellow Pages Data Entry

Whether you are looking for a good source of sales leads or hunting for vendors and partners for your business, yellow pages are one of the most reliable resources you have at your disposal. But sifting through tons of information in the yellow pages to finalize on what you wants takes a lot of time. With our advanced database capturing software, we are capable of capturing names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and other details. We have been catering to a wide variety of organizations with varied business processes and data collection methods; proving our quality and speed with every one of these.

Restaurant Menu Data Entry

While the world is based on online business, restaurants are more emphasizing on the internet. They are publishing their menus on the internet. According to the customer behavior, researchers have discovered that restaurants getting an online touch to their business have increased their business up to 300% than their regular business. We offer our restaurant menu digitization services to global restaurant chains as well as small diners and family eateries. Our services are timely and cost-effective, and can help you increase your F&B (Food and Beverages) sales while streamlining operations with our restaurant data management services.

Survey Data Collection

During this data time, companies are continuously overloaded having huge amount of data originating from various platforms. The task for companies is to understand this data and take care of, management and apply these data successfully. This is particularly in the survey. It is extremely important for business to create successful make use of its expertise. We are professional in arranging, performing, producing and format reports for a number of industry wants and therefore make sure on target positive aspects in surveys. Our skilled data entry employees pick up small or long lasting projects and provide assured genuine output at most favorable rates.

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